The VirtualGamepad allows you to manage, on devices that support a touch screen, objects that simulate one or more gamepads (you can see some examples above).

The objects are all multi-touch allowing you to build even very complex interfaces.
Test your project on multiple devices, especially if you plan to use more than two fingers at the same time.
For example, my LG G4, correctly manage 8 simultaneous fingers (beyond the octave the system no longer recognizes the release of the finger): I do not know if it is a limitation of the screen, system, browser, Construct, would be do some tests in this sense ...

I wrote this software with last stable build of Construct 2, without using third-party plugins, so I think it can work with Construct 3 too (if you want, let me know if it works with Construct 3).
I could test this software only on Windows (tests on and Android. I have no idea if it works on other systems / platforms but I do not see why it should not work (if you want, you can give me feedback on I can update the documentation).

Note: due to the number of events (currently 153) this software can not be used with the free versions of Construct. Optimizations are certainly possible and I will work there, but given how many features are present, I doubt to go down significantly under the limit of free versions. By the license, you can of course delete all the events related to the features that you do not need / interest, and in this way maybe you can reach a number of events useful to be used with free versions.

There are 3 types of objects that are supported:
- Stick that allows you to simulate a virtual joystick on the screen;
- Button that allows you to simulate a button;
- Paddle that allows you to manage a paddle (these are rotary controllers, used in
passed, for example, to play break-out or pong games to manage the position of the racket).

For more information, download the attached documentation.

License: The software is issued free of charge "AS IS" and I decline any responsibility for damages deriving from its own or improper use. The software is my property but you can freely use it in any type of commercial project, not commercial, free, open source, desktop, web, mobile, where and how you want. If you include it in your software for which you release the sources, this license must be included with my software (you can give the license you want for your job). It is not necessary to mention me in the credits. I put only 2 restrictions: 1. you can not sell it as it is; 2. if you find a bug and solve it (or optimize something, or add new features), you must return me the software with the changes so that I can release it to the public (of course I will quote you as the authors of the changes). That's all.

Release: This software is published on so that it can be freely downloaded by anyone. If you appreciate my work and find that this software has helped you, consider the idea of a small donation, you would support my work (obviously it is not mandatory).

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